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FeuerwehrOppau in English
General Information
In the 4th version of our website we provide some parts of out website in English. We provide this service especially for the firefighters from Ludwigshafen's partner cities Pasadena, CA and Lorient, France.
At the moment there are only two sites which are translated, but we will translate some more sites as soon as possible.

If a site is translated, you see a link right above the content. By clicking that link, you get to the the translated content. In the translation the link changes and leads now back to the german version of the site.

About the voluntary fire brigade Oppau
The vountary fire brigade Oppau was founded over 150 years ago. Since 1860 we provide saftey to the people who are living in Ludwigshafen. Today we have about 30 members and 6 engines for every scope. Firefightig, physical rescue, decontamination or supply of units - we have the equipment ant the personal to handle all this. Our website is decorated as one of the best 200 websites of fire brigades - but we want to get under the best 20.

List of translated sites